For Teachers/Rentals

Welcome to the Sat Nam Spirit Center of Sedona. If you would like to host an event or hold regularly scheduled classes, please read the following Teacher Information Sheet and Sample Contract (with studio guidelines).

If interested in renting, please contact Naomi. Once contract is signed and class/event is scheduled, we will do a brief orientation with you at the studio.


We offer classes and events for mind, body, and spirit. Sat Nam Spirit Center’s goal is to create a loving, healing, and nurturing community, where all aspects of the center are managed in high integrity and in alignment with our mission. As part of the community experience, we aspire to make time and space for those who want to offer their services and teachings at the center. We ask teachers to actively promote their classes and to abide by all the information below, including the Teacher Check Out List.


Rental fees for classes range from $40 to $50 an hour. For new classes without a following, ask us about our discounted rental costs to help you launch your class.

Rental fees for events are $45 an hour. Discounts available for 1/2 day and full day events. Other discounts may be available.

A one time administrative fee for new classes or for events is $20. If promotional help beyond what is listed below is requested, the fee is $25 an hour.



1- SNSCS will promote your class or event by posting on our website and in weekly e-blasts. We will also have space for you to post your fliers at the Center. We ask you to supply 1 full page flier to post and 1/2 page fliers to hand out.

2- For those teaching weekly classes, we need from you – A picture, Short Bio, Brief class description. For classes or events, we need a jpeg of your flier for us to post on the website and eblasts.

3- We encourage you to post on SNSCS Facebook page about your offering and/or create an event from our page. Then you can share the post or event on the various local bulletin boards. We’ll need your facebook name so we can give you editor permissions.

4-For further promotional activities, we strongly encourage: 1. post in Kudos datebook 2. post on the Sedona Visitor’s Site: 3. post fliers at the libraries, natural food stores, etc. 4. Bring fliers to studio to post and hand out (one full page, many 1/2 page ones). 5. Post on and

Studio Protocols

No street shoes of any kind are permitted on studio flooring. Only dance shoes & white-soled fitness shoes are permitted on dance floor. There are cubbies for shoes.

Do not affix anything to the doors, windows or walls without studio owner approval

Do not drag tables, chairs or any kind of equipment across the dance floor. If you use chairs or tables please place a yoga mat on floor underneath them – thank you.

Bottled water is permitted in the studio. Other beverages, and food of any kind, are not permitted in the studio. Food/beverage for special events is allowed upon consent of studio owner and will require an extra, refundable security deposit due to extra cleaning.

Animals, with the exception of working service dogs assisting persons with disabilities, are not permitted in the building.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises at any time.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.

Fire is not permitted in the studio. We do have battery operated candle that create nice ambience.

Please do not save parking places for anyone. The parking lot is shared with other businesses, so it’s first come, first served. You can direct overflow parking to the parking LOT ABOVE & to Basha’s Grocery store lot, located at corner of Yavapai Dr. & Coffee Pot Dr.   WE also encourage carpooling.



All sub-leasers are required to have their own current liability insurance OR have all students sign a liability waiver stating that you, your company, and SNSCS are not liable for any injury incurred on premises. Proof of liability insurance or copies of your student liability waiver must be on file with the center before the event or your classes begin.

Studio Guidelines – Please review and initial.

For all classes, a 30 day notice is required for ending this agreement. A $50 fee will be charged for sudden termination of contract without said notice.  The same applies to 1 day events.

For events, a deposit is needed to reserve your day/time. This deposit is refundable if you cancel before 2 weeks of your event.

For classes, rent for monthly renters is due by the 1st of each month with a $10 late charge per day for rent paid after the 3rd of each month.

__You are responsible for finding substitutes if you can’t make your class.

__Any changes after you have submitted your application must be approved by Naomi Rose in writing.    

__The person whose name is on the application as renter/sub-leasor is responsible for seeing to it that all rental terms & policies are honored.

__Only the authorized renter or approved agent may operate the sound system.

    SNSCS is not responsible for accidents, injury, illness or loss of group or individual property. Please remind all participants to take safety precautions.

    If there is an accident, injury, illness, theft or other incident, immediately administer First Aid and/ or CPR if needed and call 911 and notify Studio Owner: Naomi Rose as soon as possible of the incident. A First Aid Kit is available in the bathroom cabinet.

    Groups with minors (under age 18) must provide an adult supervisor at a ratio of 1 for every 20 minors. Do not leave minors unattended in the studio.

    Events that run over the permitted time will be charged appropriate rental fees in minimums of 30-minute increments.

    If a representative or group should violate any items of this agreement, SNSCS will have the right to terminate their occupancy immediately

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the guidelines listed above in the SNSCS Rental Agreement, as well as the Studio Protocols in the Teacher Information Sheet.


  • Leave Studio A  AC at 78 degrees in warm weather and at 62 in cold weather.
  • If payment is due, put in silver cash box in bathroom cabinet (use envelopes next to box) along with sign in sheet and waivers if applicable.
  • Sweep well with swifter or dry dust mop (in bathroom)
  • Turn off all lights (except salt lamps) and artificial candles, check bathroom lights are off.
  •  If bolsters were used, clean them with lint brush (in box on stack of pillows). Make sure mats and blankets are neatly stacked (fringes at back of cabinet).
  • Make sure all windows and the outside door is locked.
  • If you turned the open sign on, please turn it off.
  • If you used the big sound system, turn it off as well as the speakers.
  • Leave blinds down. They lift and lower from the bottom.

Any needs/concerns:

Contact Naomi 505-466-1887

Thank You and Sat Nam!