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* Interested in learning more about the deities of the yoga tradition?
* Interested in learning yogic practices to have direct experiences with these deities?
* Want to learn more about the history, iconography, mantras and practical application of the wisdom     teachings associated with each Deity?
* Would you like to open your heart and explore devotional/singing practices to each deity?

A life enriching course where we will share with you the most potent practices we have learned over our many years of dedication and devotion to these deities. Over four weekends in October, we will spend one day on 8 different God and Goddess.  We will awaken, explore, learn, open and embody our connection to them and how they relate to ourselves and our own personal journey.

*You will have the option to attend the weekends individually or as a package. 
There is also the option to attend in person or stream online.

-Practices to awaken and blossom your connection to the deities: mantras, asanas (postures), dhyan (meditations), kriyas (dynamic movements), visualizations, and pranayama (breath work)
-Deepening an understanding of the Gods as taught by the yogic tradition
-How to channel your emotions into higher devotional states
-Expand your spiritual awareness in regards to archetypes

-Two hour morning yoga practices on Saturday and Sunday with a theme for each deity
-Two hour afternoon wisdom teachings/practices on Saturday and Sunday for each deity
-One devotional music and mantra offering each Sunday evening with a theme for the two deities of the weekend
-Minimum 1 year access to the content
-Q&A support with Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda

We will throw in a digital prerelease of our upcoming album “Lakshmi Dreams.”  An album full of mantra chants that correlate with the course and a similar sound to our previous hit album “Saraswati Dreams.”

Auspicious Beginnings, Removing Obstacles, Arts, Wisdom and Grace
10/10 Ganesha   |   10/11 Saraswati
 Thriving, Prosperity, Beauty, Playfulness & Divine Love
10/17 Lakshmi    |   10/18 Krishna
 Service, Devotion, Courage, Strength & Determination
10/24: Hanuman    |    10/25:Durga
Fierceness, Transformation, Destruction, Transcendence & Cosmic Bliss
10/31: Kali    |   11/1: Shiva

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