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Amalia Camateros – Ecstatic Dance Facilitator
As a counselor, healer and teacher, Amalia recognizes embodiment as an intrinsic part of our healing process and has incorporated dance as an integral part of her healing practice.

She is reknowned for her EarthSpirit Dance journeys and her Shake Your Shakti dance series both nationally and internationally, which has culminated over the years into spearheading ‘Ecstatic Dance Sedona’ which has now grown to accomodate several facilitators who lead the dances.Amalia trained at Mangala Studios of Creative Dance and Yoga, Melbourne, Australia and has taught creative dance for over 25yrs. She trained in Ecstatic Dance with Skywalker on the Big Island of Hawaii along with her training directly transmitted through the grace of Mother Earth in the jungles of the Mayan ruins, the Aegean islands of Greece, the deserts of Egypt, the heiaus of Hawaii and in the red rock escarpments of Sedona, Arizona. 808-895-1984, info@earthspiritwisdom.com

Ami Sarasvati is a healing arts practitioner, teacher, author, and musician. She grew up in New Hampshire and in 2018 moved to Arizona. Using specialized modalities of sound, touch, smell, movement, and energetics, Ami creates landscapes for deep comfort and relaxation for individuals and groups.

Ami Sarasvati is a healing arts practitioner, teacher, author, and musician. She grew up in New Hampshire and in 2018 moved to Arizona. Using specialized modalities of sound, touch, smell, movement, and energetics, Ami creates landscapes for deep comfort and relaxation for individuals and groups. Ami is delighted to be part of the Sat Nam community!

Clare Fritz has been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga/Meditation ever since she met Yogi Bhajan in1972.  She fell in love with Kundalini Yoga with its spiritual and consciousness expanding qualities.  She began her training with small classes taught by Yogi Bhajan and other teachers he trained.  The gift of being part of this important time in history added to her spiritual awakening.  Clare teaches classic Kundalini Yoga which includes breath, mudras (hand poses), mantras (word or sound), visualization and the stretching postures (asanas).  Clare is also a Trance Dance Facilitator, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Body Worker and a Tao Hands practitioner as taught by Master Zhi Ghang Sha. Clare’s website: www.bodywisdomaz.com  (not smart phone compatible yet) Cell 928/951-1641

Harta Dunia was gifted with energy healing from a very young age. Friends and family members used to seek her ‘healing hands’ as they would call it. She comes from a line of practitioners, martial artists and animistic medicine tribe with gifts of empathy and healing. During her sessions, she connects with your soul song chants on your behalf to promote self healing and wellness.Currently she is studying to be an animist Minister. Ministry: Morning Star Oracle
Phone: 440 219 2759 cell / 928 862 2291 home

Kerry Dunker- Drum Circles and Healing Massage- Kerry is a gifted energy facilitator, bodyworker and drummer. The love of rhythm has led Kerry down many roads. He was an awarded percussionist in his high school career. As a young man, Kerry was a member of several different bands, leading him to begin his own band in 2000. His ability to bring rhythms to life is his passion. It was in 2011, Kerry discovered his love of bodywork, beginning his education into the world of therapeutic massage and energy work. www.inner-rhythms.net * 928-298-2270

Sedonah Sunn  is a mystic sound healer and light worker.Through her intuition, Sedonah learned to play the flute, harp, and bowls. In her events, she mixes all the different sound vibrations into a full healing experience, incorporating the drum, ukulele, acoustic guitar, and song.  * 928.821.4144

Sensei Rick Koehler
Sedona Karate Academy

Karate Instructors for Youth and Adults


Naomi C. Rose draws upon a lifetime of experience in yoga (she started at age 13!), as well as her shamanic and other trainings, in her offerings as a teacher. She teaches from the heart and authentic presence. Her classes encourage us to heal and awaken to our true nature. Students appreciate Naomi’s spiritual and transformative teaching. She teaches from her heart, gives clear guidance, and creates a loving, supportive atmosphere.

Naomi is also the award-winning author and illustrator of books of wisdom and peace for children of all ages,  naomi@naomicrose.com ,505-466-1887

Other offerings from Naomi


Red Rock Yoga
Yoga and hiking experiences in Sedona’s sacred Red Rocks. Customized experiences for individuals or small groups. Special class experiences also scheduled for larger groups. Click here for more information.

Yoga Workshops
A chance to deepen our yoga, healing, and spiritual practice. Workshops include Kundalini Journey through the Chakras Workshop and Kundalini for Women Workshop, Heart Radiance Workshop, and Spiritual Transformation through the 12 Steps Workshop. Usually offered once a month on a Saturday afternoon. All levels welcome. Click here for upcoming workshops. 

Spirit Painting Workshops
Receive soul messages and healing through the experience of spirit painting–a process passed down through Naomi’s shamanic lineage. Magical, healing, revealing, empowering. No artistic skills needed. Private sessions also available. Click here for upcoming workshops. 

Private Sessions
Personalized and customized private sessions in yoga, pilates, spirit painting, flower essence therapy, and spiritual support. Click here to contact Naomi to schedule a session.

Flower Essence Therapy
Vibrational medicine to heal at the soul level. Customized remedies of herbal infusions made from flowers to uniquely address issues of body, mind, and spirit. Works well on its own or in conjunction with other offerings. Click here to contact Naomi to schedule a session.