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Breathwork Journey
Breath as Prayer opens the door to your inner world, using a conscious, connected breath set to a musical journey and guided by Gwen. Breathing intentionally, with the purpose of increasing oxygen in your body, can literally change your life. You can learn truths (and untruths) about yourself, heal trauma, ease physical pain, and experience an energy or a relaxation you’ve never known. Breathwork, done consistently, is a pathway towards reclaiming yourself. Each session will move you deeper and deeper into the abundance of love, insight, and vitality that awaits once you break through the fear, pain, and blockages holding you back. Limited space available. $35 drop in. To reserve your spot or for more info, text or call Gwen: 928.451.5020 or visit If this is your first time, please come 15 minutes early.”

Ecstatic Dance
Ecstatic Dance Sedona is a community gathering for people who love to Dance. A free-style, free-form of dance and movement that is guided by the music, your body, mind and spirit to freely express yourself. Creating a field of acceptance and openness which gives you permission and courage to dance without inhibition, freeing yourself and allowing your inner wild to come out and have fun. Enjoy a safe and inspiring space to move to amazing music and feel the connectedness of your dance family. No experience is needed, only a willingness to allow yourself a deeper experience through the embodiment of your aliveness and passion and let the music guide you on your inner journey. For more info: or

Deep Meditation – Expanding Consciousness – Using Praanayam and other additionally powerful techniques, we will travel into deep meditative states. We will also perfect our meditation skills with our guide book, The 21 Stages of Meditation, by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD, and Yogi Bhajan. This class also includes some stretching as preparation. Chairs and stools for meditation are provided. $10 or Class Pass. No experience necessary.

Gentle Yoga and Kundalini
A gentle combination of Hatha, Flow, Pilates, and Kundalini with a focus on breath, awareness, healing, and awakening. All levels welcome.

Happiness Meditation
Deeply relax into your inner being. Inner peace, silence, and effortlessness. Auspiciousness in life. Healing of Hurts in relationships, Happiness for no reason. A shift in consciousness that will extend happiness to the people around you and our world family.

Iyengar Yoga
An alignment-based practice that uses props such as bolsters, blocks, and chairs to support safe learning, to cultivate intelligence in the body/mind, and to work therapeutically to build strength & flexibility. What is unique about Iyengar Yoga is its emphasis on details of alignment and healthy use of body mechanics. The use of props like bolsters, blocks, and chairs was pioneered by Iyengar and helps to support safe learning of a variety of postures as well as stimulating the native intelligence of the body/mind. Props also allow us to deepen the opening we receive from postures and to work therapeutically and wisely with our bodies and minds as they gain strength, recover from illness, or rehabilitate from injury.
Classes will cultivate both strength and flexibility and will include restorative practices to nourish the body and mind in rest and to refresh the nervous and endocrine systems; breath work to rejuvenate energy and cultivate focus; seated meditation to foster concentration and insight; and poetry for inspiration and sustenance in the practice. Jenny’s classes are noncompetitive, creative, and compassionate.

Radical Rebounding
Come to this class ready to have fun, sweat and feel amazing. Radical Rebounding is 45 minutes of non-stop cardio moves that include arms, abs and legs. We will have 10 minutes of stretch time at the end of class.This class will have you sweating and smiling as you pump your legs to the best of the music. This is a low impact/high intensity workout suitable for all levels. We begin slow, increase the pace throughout the class and slow back down for the end. Fun and energetic rebounding is great for fat burning, increase bone density, aids in lymphatic circulation (detoxification), reduces blood pressure, enhances digestion and elimination, promotes tissue repair, boosts immune system, boosts metabolism, and so much more!!
Notes:Classes are done barefoot on high quality Jumpsport Trampolines.Each participant must sign a waiver before taking class. Please consult physician before beginning any new exercise regime. 
Contact Rachel for any questions@ 541-977-1924

Yin Yoga
A slower paced and meditative expression of yoga. Poses are held typically from 45 seconds to 5 minutes with the purpose of targeting the connective tissues of ligaments and fascia, therefore creating more space around your joints.  Asanas are held with the muscles passive and relaxed, allowing time and gravity to deepen your stretch and stimulate the subtle energy channels of the body known as meridians. 

Now on Mondays at 6pm!