OFFERINGS by Naomi C. Rose





Gentle Yoga and Kundalini
A unique blend of Hatha, Pilates, Flow, and Kundalini, providing opportunities for healing and awakening of body, mind, and spirit. Naomi’s gentle teaching style allows students to follow the wisdom of their own practice, to clear the way to greater presence, and to open to their true natures. Students appreciate Naomi’s spiritual and transformative teaching. She teaches from her heart, gives clear guidance, and creates a loving, supportive atmosphere. For all levels. Click here for schedule. 


Red Rock Yoga
Yoga and hiking experiences in Sedona’s sacred Red Rocks. Customized experiences for individuals or small groups. Special class experiences also scheduled for larger groups. Click here for more information.

Yoga Workshops
A chance to deepen our yoga, healing, and spiritual practice. Workshops include Kundalini Journey through the Chakras Workshop and Kundalini for Women Workshop, Heart Radiance Workshop, and Spiritual Transformation through the 12 Steps Workshop. Usually offered once a month on a Saturday afternoon. All levels welcome. Click here for upcoming workshops. 

Spirit Painting Workshops
Receive soul messages and healing through the experience of spirit painting–a process passed down through Naomi’s shamanic lineage. Magical, healing, revealing, empowering. No artistic skills needed. Private sessions also available. Click here for upcoming workshops. 

Private Sessions
Personalized and customized private sessions in yoga, pilates, spirit painting, flower essence therapy, and spiritual support. Click here to contact Naomi to schedule a session.

Flower Essence Therapy
Vibrational medicine to heal at the soul level. Customized remedies of herbal infusions made from flowers to uniquely address issues of body, mind, and spirit. Works well on its own or in conjunction with other offerings. Click here to contact Naomi to schedule a session.